We offer our transportation services for different types of customers. From airport shuttles to limousines for weddings, for sightseeing and long distance travel. We can help you achieve your goals!

AT LuxuryRent noleggia auto di lusso

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Luxury Car

AT LuxuryRent Autonoleggio con conducente Flotta auto da cerimonia

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Wedding Cars

AT LuxuryRent Autonoleggio con conducente Flotta Limousine

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AT LuxuryRent Autonoleggio con conducente Flotta Mini Van

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Mini Van

With our fleet we are able to satisfy all needs, maintaining maximum comfort and safety.

Our service is complete and accurate: from luxury cars for important events to sedans for every need, up to minivans for more space and portability needs.

We make our guarantee towards you seriously and discreetly, but we also offer professionalism and enrolment in the register of drivers in accordance with the law.

We therefore guarantee professionalism and confidentiality for your image!

For any questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate

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